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We are the system integrator. The company provides customers with complex solutions on a keyturn basis including full support, promotion and development. We offer business solutions with the use of virtual/augmented reality, mobile applications, websites, services and other hardware and software complexes.


Квест в виртуальной реальности
VR-QUEST «the sovereign»

The project is made on a keyturn basis. Graphic and sound content included.

- 16 cameras Motion Capture (OptiTrack)
- Oculus Rift headset
- 5 transition locations
- 3 players multiplayer
- 7x12 m playing zone
- operator's application
- 6 months development time

Тренажер по безопасности и охране "SaS" с VR-модулем
Multiplayer Safety and Security Seaboard Simulator On a Seagoing Vessel WITH VR MODULE
The simulator is made for individual and joint specialists' actions practice at waterway transport facilities (ship, port) in emergency situations (fire, flooding, security breach etc.).

- PC / VR (Windows 10, Oculus rift)
- network interaction
- on a keyturn basis
The application is made for Corpsun company and visually demonstrates its products. It configures various motorized tent models, that are available for sale. One can buy a tent that meets the selected settings.

- cross-platform application
- WebGL-version included
- site integration for purchases 
- 3 months development time
Дополенная реальность для автомобильных дисков
AR alloy wheels fitting

It is an application prototype that allows you to fit alloy virtual wheels on real cars.

- ARKit 1.5 technology
- no mark use
- 2 weeks development time

Мобильное приложение ЗетТек с модулем дополненной реальности
AR baby wipes commercial for ZETtek Ltd.
This is an application made for the manufacturing company ZetTek Ltd. to present its baby wipes product . The application uses the augmented reality elements. The wipe presents itself, when the user puts his smartphone or tablet camera on the wipe box.

- platforms: iOS, Andoid
- box recognition: Vuforia
- development
- UI development
- 1 month development time
AR-подсказка для коробки сока
AR foodhelper

It is an application prototype that puts a virtual prompt on a real object.

- Vuforia technology
- no mark use
- 1 day development time



Our mission is to benefit from common things and make their use as effective as possible. We make the maximum understanding of new and unavailable. We apply the latest technologies to make common things superb, uninteresting things - interesting, that is only entertaining - useful. Being honest with ourselves and our clients, we stand for our ideals of justice and humanity, working for common good.


Flexible and wide solutions

Our solutions are made so, that their realizaton and support are flexible and convenient.

Technical documentation

We follow exact technical requirements or consider user stories, applying Agile. In both ways, if it is necessary, we do the whole pack of documentation for the project, including UML-description.

Good value: quality/price

According to our spesialists' market research, Synapse offers the best product quality at affordable cost.

Client Service

We work according to SLA with CRM use, involving concrete specialists as necessary. Our clients can always see the process of development in our corporate portal, repositorium or through reports.


We provide technical guarantees for our products up to 1 year.

Secure transaction

We use secure payments, if it's required by our clients. Secure payment is carried out by Sberbank-AST service.

We are always at your service


Сontact us and we'll consulte you, identify the requirements and offer the best solution for you.

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